Our Fleet

All the passengers, all the bags, all the time

Eagle Airways operates a fleet of 17 Beech 1900D aeroplanes.



They have twin turbo-prop Pratt and Whitney engines, operate with two pilot crews and have 19 single passenger seats.

  • Eagle fleet has accumulated 500,000 Beechcraft  flights by June 2011 with 300,000 flight hours.
  • Third largest fleet of Beech 1900D in the world
  • Of the 439 Beech 1900D aircraft built, Eagle got the last 16 off the production line. Subsequently purchased another two used B1900D aircraft.

 Overall Length                      

 17.6 m

 Wing Span


 Overall Height


 Wing Area

 28m sq

 Typical Basic Weight


 Maximum Take Off Weight


 Maximum Landing Weight


 Maximum Zero Fuel Weight


 Typical Maximum Payload


 Maximum Hold Capacity (kg)


 Maximum Fuel Load


 Maximum Operational Cruise Altitude


 Maximum Cruising Speed


 Typical fuel burn per hour


 Four Blade Hartzell Composite Propeller Diameter

 3.04 m